Policy and
quality goals

Quality Policy

To meet the customers’ needs, gradually improving the processes in production of fabric and polypropylene and polyethylene packaging, investing in new technologies, constantly developing and qualifying our employees, complying with customers’ requirements and stakeholders.

Food Care

For packaging in direct contact with food, Rafitec S/A complies the requests of Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency of the Ministry of Health (ANVISA) provided in RDCs.


  • Carry out and maintain a competitive and sustainable economic management;
  • Maintain and improve a relationship of trust with customers;
  • Continuously improving processes, products and services;
  • Ensuring development conditions and technical and operational skills of employees;
  • Improve market share.

Important seals ensure the quality of our products

All products strictly comply with requested specifications, as well as specific requirements for production. This fact can be evidenced as of our Quality Management system.

Green Seal

Green Seal

The Green Seal is an initiative of Environment Journal of the State of São Paulo (Jornal do Meio Ambiente do Estado de São Paulo), in association with IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), Ministry of Environment and State Offices of Environment of the South, Southeast, North, Northeast, Midwest areas.

The purpose is to assess Industries and Services Providers that are complying with environmental rules and laws in force.

Prêmio Plástico em Revista

The Revista Awards

"The Revista Award for the Plastics Industry (PPR) was set up with the view to recognizing and stimulating the merits of innovation, dynamism and the pursuit of excellence in the plastics industry. The PPR is open to all companies that act in the plastics industry. In 2015 the company Rafitec was given the honor of being categorized as the TOP Transformer. It was considered to be a model of excellence in the production of raffia. Rafitec has received this award for the fourth consecutive year (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015)."