A history of

Located in the West of Santa Catarina, Rafitec is a company specialized in the production of polypropylene packages for different areas of agribusiness.

Organized in August, 1995, Rafitec is, currently, the greatest Brazilian industry of sacks and big bags. It has about to 1,100 employees working together in four plants, three of which are in the City of Xaxim/SC and there is a branch in Xanxerê/SC, together they account for more than 46,000 m2 of built area.

This successful history was a result from the commitment of the incorporators Eloy Luiz Vaccaro and Márcio Vaccaro and from every single person dedicated to make Rafitec the great company that it is today.


To generate solutions for packaging products with innovative practices, providing our customers with products and services in a sustainable way.


Our vision is to be reference in packaging solutions, ensuring sustainable result in the entire chain of products and services with professionalism, ethics and excellence.

Our Values

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Respect to the Human Being
  3. Humbleness and simplicity
  4. Meritocracy
  5. Focus on results

Rafitec has an internal structure for monthly production of up to 17,000,000 sacks, 300,000 big bags and 250,000 tons of fabrics.

All machines used in our process are latest equipment, everything has to be done with the utmost care so that the end result is the best. The PP extruders imported from Austria with active matrix and radioactive measurement ensure better stability of film thickness as well as looms, printers and cutting and sewing machines completing a structure that guarantee the quality of the product from the beginning to end.

Rafitec Production System (RPS) Program

Rafitec Production System (RPS) Program

Packaging solutions, excellence in people!

Institutional program that transforms our manpower in mind work, through excellence in its management. RPS emerged from the vision of the future of President Márcio Vaccaro, who believes that the best results will come through people. This continuous improvement methodology is based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing.