Versatile sacks for your products

Stitched raffia

Stitched raffia sacks

The quality of our products results from a qualified team, which uses the best raw material and latest equipment for the development of stitched raffia sacks.

The stitched raffia sacks have high strength and preserve the quality of the packaged product, as well as being recyclable.

They can be used for packing: flour, sugar, feed, seed, fertilizer, salt, mineral supplement, connection, refrigerator, agricultural products, cereal, chemical, polymer, ice, among others.

Rafitec produces laminated and conventional packages in the following models:

  • Open Mouth;
  • Valve;
  • Gusset;
  • With internal liner.

Welded raffia

Welded raffia sacks

In order to comply with all the needs of our customers, Rafitec has an excellent line of welded raffia sacks, which provide an excellent cost-effective to better protect and accommodate differently products of different segments.


  • It does not leak;
  • It may have nanomicroholes;
  • Optimization of space and better accommodation;
  • Increased productivity for the company and the client;
  • The inner liner can be replaced;
  • Best barrier to product protection.

It can be used for packing: fertilizers, urea, flour, mineral supplement, animal feed, cement, minerals, etc.

Our sacks can be made in the models below:

  • Valve (regular valve / with external sleeve);
  • Open Mouth.

Raffia + pp Film

Raffia + pp film sacks

In addition to being a sack with better barrier to product protection and replace the entire liner, the high quality printing and definition in chromia make sacks with PP film an efficient packaging to make premium products with greater competitive edge in the market.

Type: Stitched/Welded.

It can be used to package: feed for horses, premium feed, urea (replacing the liner), mineral supplement (replacing the liner).

The PP sacks + PP film can be made in the following models:

  • Open Mouth;
  • Valve;
  • Gusset.