Big Bags

Ideal for storing large volumes

Big Bag

Big bag

All of our Big Bags are made according to technical specifications that ensure good quality and allow them to be sold in high-strength polypropylene fabric, to have treatment against ultraviolet rays and to be structured to withstand the maximum workload from 100 to 1500 kg.

Available in several colors, our latest technology allows printing on both sides of the Big Bags, aiming for the identification and best promotion of packaged product. In order to ensure the best storage and care of your products, all Big Bags are tested in the internal laboratory of Rafitec and in the Technological Research Institute of São Paulo - IPT.

They can be used for packing: fertilizer, flour, sugar, soybean meal, feed, salt, grain/seed, chemicals, polymers, residues, among others.

Available models:

  • One way (disposable);
  • Multi way (reusable);
  • Caught (optimizes spaces and is available in one way or multi way).
Big bag modelo C1 C1 Model
Open mouth and closed bottom
Big bag modelo C4 C4 Model
Filling skirt and discharge valve
Big bag modelo C2 C2 Model
Filling skirt and closed bottom
Big bag modelo C5 C5 Model
Filling valve and closed bottom
Big bag modelo C3 C3 Model
Open mouth and discharge valve
Big bag modelo C6 C6 Model
Filling valve and discharge valve

Caught Big Bag

Caught big bag

Caught Big Bags from Rafitec are perfect for storing large quantities of products and have the advantage of taking up less storage space. This is possible because the cube model keeps its shape and it generates a reduction of up to 30% in the cost of transport, particularly when stored in containers.

Another advantage is that our flexible containers caught model are built with fabric stitched internally latches that allow you to keep its shape square or rectangular after bottle.

It can be used for packing: grains and seeds in general, fertilizers, minerals, chemicals, petrochemicals, flour, sugar, powdered products, among others.

Examples of storage
in a container or cart

Caught big bag Caught big bag
Conventional big bag Conventional big bag
Technical drawing of caught big bag Technical drawing of caught big bag

Big bags for dangerous good

Big bag for dangerous good

The Big Bags developed by Rafitec ensure the transportation of Dangerous Good of 5.1 risk class, which refers to oxidants, such as ammonium nitrate. These packages are within the packaging group III - Low risk.

The quality of our Big Bags for Dangerous Good are guaranteed by Inmetro [National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality], which is represented by product certification authority complying with requirements of ANTT Resolution 420 and 250. It also complies with the IMDG CODE (International Maritime Code for Dangerous Good Transportation) and NORMAN-05/DPC, allowing terrestrial and maritime modal transport.


Big bag modelo C5

C5 Model
Filling valve with internal liner and four reinforced and Closed Fund handles.
Capacity to: 1.640kg
Dimensions: 94x94 base, and height of 150 to 188cm.